50 Perfect Font Combinations to Kickstart Your Next Design

font combinations

When it comes to graphic design, fonts play an integral role. But if you’re not a designer, you might be asking yourself:

“What fonts actually go well together?”

Not to worry! In this post, we’ve laid out 50 perfect font combinations that you can use in your designs today. Of course, all fonts mentioned in this post are included in Snappa.

Now before we begin, let’s go over some quick terminology so you can better follow the different font combinations that we outline in this post.

Serif: Serif typefaces are those in which a small line is attached at the end of the stroke in a letter or symbol.

Sans-Serif: Sans serif typefaces are those that do not contain serifs at the end of strokes. Hence the term “sans-serif.”

Scripts: Script typefaces are those in which many characters have strokes that join them to other letters similar to cursive handwriting.

Here’s a visual representation of the different types of fonts discussed in this post.

Serif example

With that out of the way, let’s move on to the 50 perfect font combinations to kickstart your next design.

Sans-Serif / Serif Font Combinations
Serif / Sans-Serif Font Combinations
Script & Decorative / Sans-Serif Font Combinations
Script & Decorative / Serif Font Combinations
Sans-Serif / Sans-Serif Font Combinations
Serif / Serif Font Combintions
Font Variants

Sans-Serif / Serif Combinations

1. Josefin Sans / Playfair

Josefin Sans & Playfair Display font combination

2. Lato / Merriweather

Lato & Merriweather font combination

3. Montserrat / Cardo

Montserrat & Cardo font combination

4. Montserrat / Playfair Display

Montserrat & Playfair display font combination

5. Nunito / Lora

Nunito & Lora font combination

6. Open Sans / Libre Baskerville

Open Sans & Libre Baskerville font combination

7. Open Sans / Lora

Open Sans & Lora font combination

8. Oswald / Merriweather

Oswald & Merriweather font combination

9. Oswald / Old Standard TT

Oswald & Old Standard TT font combination

10. PT Sans / PT Serif

PT Sans & PT Serif font combination

11. Raleway / Merriweather

Raleway & Merriweather font combination

12. Ubuntu / Lora

Ubuntu & Lora font combination

13. League Spartan / Libre Baskerville

League Spartan & Libre Baskerville font combination

Serif / Sans-Serif Combinations

14. Cardo / Josefin Sans

Cardo & Josefin Sans font combination

15. Libre Baskerville / Montserrat

Libre Baskerville & Montserrat font combination

16. Lora / Source Sans Pro

Lora & Source Sans Pro font combination

17. Merriweather / Open Sans

Merriweather & Open Sans font combination

18. Merriweather / Source Sans Pro

Merriweather & Source Sans Pro font combination

19. Playfair Display / Open Sans

Playfair Display & Open Sans font combination

20. PT Serif / Open Sans

PT Serif & Open Sans font combination

21. Roboto Slab / Open Sans

Roboto Slab & Open Sans font combination

22. Roboto Slab / Roboto

Roboto Slab & Roboto font combination

23. Source Serif Pro / Source Sans Pro

Source Serif Pro & Source Sans Pro font combination

Scripts & Decorative / Sans-Serif Combinations

24. Abril Fatface / Josefin Sans

Abril Fatface Josefin Sans combinations

25. Abril Fatface / Lato

Abril Fatface & Lato font combination

26. Amatic SC / Josefin Sans

Amatic SC & Josefin Sans font combination

27. Lobster / Arimo

Lobster & Arimo font combination

28. Lobster / Open Sans

Lobster & Open Sans font combination

29. Pacifico / Arimo

Pacifico & Arimo font combination

30. Pacifico / Josefin Sans

Pacifico & Josefin Sans font combination

31. Patua One / Oswald

Patua One & Oswald Font Combination

32. Shadows / Roboto

Shadows & Roboto Font combination

33. Stint Ultra / Roboto

Stint Ultra & Roboto font combination

34. Sacramento / Montserrat Light

Sacramento & Montserrat font combination

35. Yellowtail / Open Sans

Yellowtail & Open Sans font combination

Scripts & Decorative / Serif Combinations

36. Patua One / Lora

Patua One & Lora font combination

37. Nixie One / Libre Baskerville

Nixie One & Libre Baskerville font combination

Sans-Serif / Sans-Serif

38. Nunito / Open Sans

Nunito & Open Sans font combination

39. Open Sans / Nunito

Open Sans & Nunito font combination

40. Oswald / Open Sans

Oswald & Open Sans font combination

41. Raleway / Roboto

Raleway & Roboto font combination

42. Roboto / Nunito

Roboto & Nunito font combination

43. Oswald / Montserrat Light

Oswald & Montserrat font combination

44. Open Sans / Cooper Hewitt

Open Sans & Cooper Hewitt font combination

Serif / Serif Combinations

45. Playfair Display / Fauna One

Playfair Display & Fauna One font combination

46. Quando / Judson

Quando & Judson font combination

Font Variants

47. Aileron Heavy / Aileron Light

Aileron Heavy & Aileron Light font variant

48. Archivo Black / Archivo Narrow

Archivo Black & Narrow font variant

49. Cooper Hewitt Heavy / Cooper Hewitt

Cooper Hewitt font variant

50. Source Serif Pro Black / Source Serif Pro

Source Serif Pro font variants


There you have it! 50 perfect font combinations for your next design. If we’ve missed some, let us know in the comments below.

About the author: Nick Le is the marketing manager at Snappa. He has published several articles relating to social media marketing.