6 Ways to Detach From Work on Your Summer Vacation

six ways to detach from work

We’re well into the months of summer, which means that summer vacations are underway. And while many people look forward to these vacations all year— whether they hit the beach like most people, or they try to fly somewhere like Alaska for cold weather like me—, many have also found it increasingly difficult to fully enjoy their trips.

This can be a huge source of discord amongst the entire group during the trip, especially if one person is needing to rush back to the hotel to finish up an assignment or answer an email, even if they had noted that they’d be on vacation then. Whether you’re employed with an always-on team or a freelancer, it can be incredibly difficult to just step away.

As someone who has been there, I never want to do it again, and I know you don’t either. So if you have trouble detaching from work, here are a few tips to successfully take time off from work and enjoy your summer vacation. [continue reading…]

8 Great Landing Page Examples to Inspire You

landing page examples

A well-designed landing page is no small feat! People might underestimate the necessity of a great landing page, but it’s crucially important for creating a strong first impression.

Using a landing page (sometimes called a “One Pager”) is the best way to make the process of converting customers simpler and easier. Sometimes, having multiple pages on your site can feel bloated and cause decision-fatigue, but a great looking landing page makes things simple and straight-forward, as it has all the information right there on a simple and easy-to-scroll page.

Whether you’re looking to create a page for a product, a CTA to join an email list, or an infographic-like page with important stats, we’ve curated 8 great looking landing pages for inspiration. While these range widely from each other stylistically, they were all created with the shared goal to create an engaging user experience.

So if you’re in the market for a new landing page, you’ll definitely want to check these out! These 8 pages will serve as inspiration and motivation to create an amazing landing page for yourself. Enjoy!
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12 Summer Pinterest Templates to Inspire Your Next Board

summer pinterest templates

Summer is here! For many brands, that means updating visual graphics with a little seasonal flair. If you want to add a taste of summertime to your Pin boards, consider incorporating some great-looking summer Pinterest templates into your social media strategy over the next few months.

First, take a look at Pinterest’s most recent trend predictions to help inform your design decisions. Once you’ve got your creative strategy in hand, it’s time to find on-brand templates to support your best content. [continue reading…]

The Perfect Lemon Room Picture & Best Practices

lemon room picture size

A great Room Picture is essential to deliver a successful live video session on Lemon.

A Lemon Room Picture appears on your Reception Page, which you use to promote your live sessions and encourage viewers to register for them. It should contain a good quality image that reflects the subject area of your live session.

In this article, we share our tips on how to design the ultimate Lemon Room Picture. [continue reading…]

8 Amazing eBook Cover Examples

ebook cover templates

Writing an eBook is exciting, and nothing is better than the feeling you have when you’ve completed the writing and are ready to publish it. Before going straight to publishing, though, you need to create an outstanding eBook cover that will tie it all together and even help improve the purchase or download rate of the book itself.

For many writers and content creators, this can feel like a thorn in their side, especially if they consider themselves to be exclusively writers and not designers. Fortunately, there are plenty of best practices, eBook templates, and amazing examples to make the process easy.

So, need to create an eBook cover for your project? Let’s look at 8 killer eBook cover examples and go over how to create a great cover yourself. [continue reading…]

7 Things No One Will Tell You About Being a Small Business Owner

Millennial and Gen Z employees in the workforce are talking about business ownership in larger numbers than generations before. This is perhaps no surprise since the gig economy has been flourishing, and since it’s also no secret that if your business is successful, you can make much more as a business owner than an employee.

Small business ownership can seem glamorous and appealing. And in many ways, it can be. As a small business owner of a freelance writing business, I love the work I do in my home office. I get to set my own schedule, choose my clients, and even choose the projects I want to work on, and the pay rates I’m willing to work for.

All of that is wonderful… but there are also very real aspects of business ownership that aren’t so enticing. There are seven things I tell everyone who comes to me asking about freelancing or business ownership so that they can make a more informed decision and know what they’re getting into.

So let’s take a look at 7 things no one (or at least most people) won’t tell you about small business ownership. [continue reading…]

5 Eye-Catching YouTube End Screen Designs

youtube end screens inspiration

Fully branding your YouTube content is essential to making your videos stand out from the crowd. Whether you plan to start a YouTube channel or already have one, using end screens levels up your videos’ overall look and feel.

It’s simple to create eye-catching videos that keep your viewers’ attention–and keep them moving from one video to the next. Let’s look at what end screens are and why they’re important. Then, we’ll share a few examples of great designs to get you started. [continue reading…]

5 Types of Facebook Ad Images You Should Test

facebook ad images

Let’s talk Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads have helped small and large businesses alike reach new customers and sometimes drive massive amounts of sales, often at a relatively low customer acquisition cost (CAC). If you want to get those results, though, it’s always a good idea to start with a great strategy, strong copy, and (of course!) great ad images.

Your Facebook Ad images are going to be the first thing that users notice when they see your ad. It is responsible for grabbing their attention enough that they want to read your copy and/or click.

Videos, GIFs, and images are all great, but in this post, we’re specifically going to look at Facebook Ad images. In many cases, images are faster, more affordable, and more accessible for small businesses to create at scale than video.

So, let’s take a look at five different types of Facebook Ad images that you should be testing in 2023. [continue reading…]

What’s the Perfect Instagram Reels Size? 

instagram reels size

You need the perfect Instagram Reels size to make the best Reels video for your brand.

Using mobile video to its full potential means knowing what size your videos should be. This is true for platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Optimizing your mobile video size means you’ll show up looking your best wherever viewers find your content. [continue reading…]

How to Start a YouTube Channel with Strong Visuals (2023 Update)

how to start a youtube channel

Considering starting a YouTube channel?

You should!

Whether you want to create a brand around a YouTube channel or create a YouTube channel centered around an existing brand, we think it’s a great idea.

YouTube is an outstanding and invaluable marketing platform, and it’s the second-most-used search engine on the market today, second only to Google. It also allows you to create long-form content in a place where users are actively looking for it, which is a huge advantage.

Whether you want to showcase product demos, educate potential clients, or even just share client testimonials, a YouTube channel is the perfect place.

So, in this post, we’re going to make the process easy by sharing how to start a YouTube channel. We’re going to go over the planning stage, the setup process, and some tips for content ideation and creation.

Let’s get started!

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